Proclamation for 2016 by Gearoid O’ Connor

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Proclamation for 2016
By Gearoid O’Connor

Change. Above all else, change is the undeniable link between 1916 and 2016. That historic week in Dublin, an idea was planted – a seed for change, sown by determined leaders such as Commander in Chief Patrick Pearse and the signatories of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. That seed grew under the direction of other figures including Michael Collins, William T. Cosgrave, ￉amon de Valera, Sean Lemass, Mary Robinson, and Mary McAleese, to name but a few. Despite varying political outlooks and often incongruent aspirations, they all had a strong desire for change – well-planned, beneficial change that would make Ireland a stronger and more progressive nation.

Ireland struggled for centuries to gain the right to control her own future. Now that we, the population of Ireland, possess this freedom, we must use it to develop and improve our nation. Across the generations, the people of Ireland have always expressed their desire for progress and change. We in 2016 must continue this tradition by striving to achieve freedom of speech and expression for all. Discrimination and exclusion should be a thing of the past, as we must erase lines of division across the country. The Republic of Ireland must endeavour to attain equality for all, regardless of gender, race, nationality or religion. While we are members of many co-operative organisations with other states, we must assert our independence and progressiveness. As a nation, we need to pioneer change and strive for the rights of all. Individually, we must pledge to exhaust all available resources to see this dream become a reality.

In this, the centenary year of the 1916 Easter Rising, we must capture the spirit of this event. The country was far from perfect then, and it is not without fault now. Economic difficulties, unemployment and homelessness continue to sweep the nation. However, society must be brave in tackling these problems. The entire population can improve this republic, but only if we act. We must keep a firm grip on the ideals of those who acted 100 years ago, while also applying them to future issues. The pursuit of improvement and change unites the people of 1916 with modern-day society, a true testament to the lasting legacy and importance of the event.

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