A Fun Filled Wednesday for 1st years and TYs

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It was a very busy Wednesday for our 1st year and Transition Year pupils who had a jam packed day of entertainment.

The morning started off with a talk from IT Tralee lecturer and owner of Nisus Fitness, Joe O’ Connor on health and well being and how our first and transition years can prepare for the ‘classroom to 5km’ which will occur after Christmas.

This was then followed by a ‘Science Magic Show’ held by Laurie Ryan who is doing a PhD in University of Limerick. There was plenty of bangs, pops and fireworks in the science lab.

A big thank you to all the teachers and staff involved and also to Joe O’ Connor (IT Tralee) and Laurie Ryan (University of Limerick)

Below are some pictures and a video of the day’s activities.

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