C.B.S., The Green has a definite policy in respect of Homework which may contain elements of written work and/or study on current topics and revision of previously covered topics.
  • This policy is based on sound theory and good practice.
  • In the implementation of this policy, due allowance will, of course, be made for the nature of the subject, the circumstances and capacity of the Pupil.
  • This element of schooling is one of the principal means of empowering students for lifelong learning.


  • Specific exercises (which may include a written element) are set by each teacher in respect of each class contact session.
  • The work thus set is recorded by the Pupil in the Homework Journal under the supervision of the Teacher who will always allow suitable class time for the explaining and recording of homework.
  • All such work must be done by the Pupil on time.
  • Homework will be monitored by the Subject Teacher in a manner devised by him or her which suits the pupils in the class. The class period distribution will be a factor in the method of monitoring.
  • The Subject Teacher will maintain records of this monitoring and may make use of such records in reports, assessments and Parent/Teacher meetings.
  • Specimen study timetables can be devised by the Subject Teacher in consultation with the Class Tutor and Year Head.
  • Parents can foster the practice of homework by encouragement and provision of facilities. They should examine their son’s journal from time to time to ensure that homework is being done.
  • Students with special educational needs (SEN) will have their homework tailored to their needs within the context of their class. In line with SEN Class Policy homework may be done in class at the discretion of the teacher.

Minimum Guide Times for Homework and Revision 

  • 1st Years : 10 – 14 hours per week
  • 2nd/3rd Years : 10 – 16 hours per week
  • 4th/5th/Years : 18 – 22 hours per week based on 6 or 7 days
  • 6th Years : 32 hours per week (Mon– Fri 3 – 4 hours per day; Sat – Sunday 8 hours per day)

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