inspiring transformational leadership

School Leaders articulate a vision for their school in keeping with the Edmund Rice tradition. They inspire minds and hearts, raise critical consciousness and cultivate a strong work ethic coupled with an enterprising spirit.

The Ethos of our school is that of Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brother’s Schools. Our ethos is one that values and prizes each student as an individual created and blessed by God. The Green recognizes that each student in our school family has unique talents and gifts to offer to the world around him. The Green seeks to develop each boy’s talents to his highest potential in a caring environment that continuously respects, encourages and affirms his efforts at achieving his own personal goals.


The Green is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all areas of education. Our aim is to generate and maintain an inclusive climate of learning within which every student is enabled to develop and fulfil his own unique potential. It is our aim that every student who moves on from The Green will be equipped not only to make his own way in the world, but also to make his particular contribution to society and at the same time to continue his lifelong learning process. The Green aims to foster an atmosphere of respect, understanding and encouragement between all who teach and learn in the school, so that the development and contribution of every individual can be acknowledged and valued, and all can work together to benefit personal growth and the common good.

Transition from Primary to Secondary

At The Green we are very aware that the transition from primary school to secondary school can be a very daunting step in a young person’s life. We make every effort to ensure that this step is an exciting and positive one. Each pupil is assigned a base class for the year. Each class has its own tutor, an experienced member of staff whose role it is to look after the well-being of each pupil in that class group. First Years are designated two Year Heads who liaise with parents, students and tutors on a daily basis.

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