“The Green says NO to single-use Plastics”   13/05/2019

We, at CBS The Green, plan to stop using single-use plastics and wish to move to a sustainable option i.e. to use cups and mugs which can be washed after use and reused.

Single us plastics (disposables) include plastic packaging, grocery bags, bottles, straws and cutlery, which take thousands of years to biodegrade and accordingly affect our environment negatively.

At the school, we use many disposable cups at school events throughout the year.  To change this situation and to reduce waste, we are kindly requesting all families to donate just one mug each to the school, which will be kept in the school.

Mugs can be purchased at any retail outlet in the town for as little as €2.

Please send a mug or a €2 donation (and we will buy it for you!) into the school, with your son, as soon as possible.

The parents’ Council thank you in anticipation for your support.


Our sons enter The Green as “boys” but gradually leave childhood behind and graduate as “young men”. A lot happens in the intervening years and the most important support we can give our sons in this process is our involvement. Studies have shown that children whose parents are actively involved in all aspects of their education perform better in their overall studies. We should encourage our sons in their education, not in an inflexible, grinding way but in a life-enhancing way; striking a balance between present enjoyment and future attainment. By working together, parents and school can provide the environment conducive to learning and personal development. One the ways to do this is by joining the Parents’ Council.

 CBS The Green has a very committed Parents’ Council. We continuously support the school in all of its activities and also come up with new ideas to benefit and complement those of the school. The Parents’ Council plays an important role in the support of parents, students and the school community. Through our efforts, we hope to maximize the academic, athletic and social experience of all students.

The past year has been no different to others in that the Parents Council were involved in many events within the school:

We started the year off with “Mock Interviews” where 6th year students had the opportunity to interview local business leaders and receive feedback and coaching. There was an excellent line up for the interview panels and feedback from the evening was very positive.

The Parents Council held many fundraisers during the year to help fund the 6th year graduation. These included bag packing and a bake sale at Easter. We also supported the school’s efforts in their fundraising for the new All Weather Pitch.

We catered many events throughout the year including refreshments for mock interviews and the 6th year graduation. We also helped publicise and organise the Dr Fergus Heffernan talk in Fels Point. Dr Heffernan is a psychologist, psychotherapist and leading educator in the area of stress management.

We provided support to the Transition Years by becoming involved with and assisting with some of their activities.

In 2013, the Parent’s Council established the new school library and we continue to support the library by updating stock and buying new books.

Our big event of the year is the “Careers Day”. This brings speakers from various careers and trades into the school as well as stands from local colleges. The boys in senior cycle chose which talks they would like to attend and visit the stands on the day.

We sponsor the graduation gifts for the 6th year boys on their graduation night.


The Parents Council meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday of every month and our AGM is held each October. New members are very welcome so please join us at one of our monthly meetings.


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