Allocation of Places in First Year 2020/21

Decisions regarding student admissions are a matter for the Board of Management.

As soon as possible but not later than 21 calendar days after the closing date for receipt of completed application forms, the Board of Management shall make a decision in respect of each application, and inform the parents/guardians of the outcome in writing (as required by the Education Welfare Act 2000).

When a place in the school is offered, parents/guardians will be required to confirm in writing their acceptance of the place. If the place is not accepted by the date specified in the letter of offer, the offer may be withdrawn.

A maximum of 125 places will be available in First Year for the school year 2020/21.

The Application Process is as follows:

  • To apply, parents/guardians should complete the official St Mary’s CBS The Green Secondary School Application Form, which will be available from the school office.
  • The application form for entry into First Year in Autumn 2020 will be available from September 23rd 2019.
  • The closing date for receipt of completed applications for First Year for the school year 2020/21 is 5:00pm Monday November 25th.
  • When an application form, properly completed and signed, is received, it will be stamped with the date on which it was received.
  • Incomplete application forms will not be processed but will be returned to the parents/guardians for completion.


Criteria for Selection

Only applicants whose applications have been received on time will be considered for a place in accordance with the criteria above.

Where the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, (125 for September 2020), the following criteria and order will apply to determine the allocation of places to incoming first year students:


  1. Applicants whose brothers are at present attending the school and applicants whose brothers attended the school in the past.
  2. Applicants who are enrolled in C.B.S. Clounalour.
  3. Applicants who are sons of teachers in the school.
  4. Applicants whose fathers attended the school.
  5. And thereafter by means of Lottery – This will be conducted by the Chairman of the Parents Council, a member of the Board of Management and the Principal.
  6. If a vacancy arises after this process, it will be offered to the applicant highest on the waiting list as determined in the lottery above.

Late applications will be considered only after all applications received on time have been fully processed.

The Board of Management makes all decisions in relation to admission in accordance with the school Admissions Policy.  The Board of Management will review each of these cases in line with the school’s admission policy.

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