” A Wake in the West ” ..a Transition year production….Today May 5th 7:30pm….Don’t miss it!!

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A Wake in the west Poster-2CBS The Green Drama 2016

Although CBS The Green performed its first play in almost sixty years last year, it feels as if we have always been doing it. It truly is a brave act (excuse the pun) for any young student to undertake. Perhaps it’s the boys’ positive attitude towards every new experience. Maybe it’s our never say die mentality that helps us overcome every obstacle that comes our way. To be honest, I think we don’t say “No”, because at CBS all we know is Green.

If you stroll through the long halls in our school, you’ll notice the walls are decorated with photographs of our school plays throughout the years. The further down the corridor you go, the older they get. All photos are black and white, yet they’re so colourful. Last year, teachers – most notably Ms.McGillicuddy, Ms. Anne Moore and Mr.Fitzgerald – decided to revive this long-lost tradition with the transition year class of 2015. Through blood, sweat and tears they managed to organise one of the most successful events in the school’s history. “The Field” by John B. Keane was interpreted in a fun, fresh and undoubtedly entertaining manner that was deemed to be so entertaining by the audiences and local journalists alike, that Billy Keane bought a ticket to see it for himself, in his own words – “Ye brought John B. Keane back to life. An honour to my father’s memory in the best way possible”. The school now has another string to its bow, and this year our new Transition Years hope to hit the bullseye again.

Our first challenge was a big one. We were set the task of becoming the infamous Big Maggie. We were all reasonably hesitant at first. Once we got into character, all our fears disappeared. Our mentors watched our every move and took notes, sizing up our characteristics to see what type of role would suit us. Our imagination was unleashed when we were given a bit more freedom with our second project. We were tasked with choosing our own scene, and bringing it to life expressing our inner actor in a way unique to us. Our confidence and creativity had grown immensely. That was when we finally knew, we could do the big show in May.

We were then given our play, “A Wake In The West.” Set during the wake of Tom Healy who drank himself to his eternal rest and now appears to have wished his grave to be a watery one by requesting cremation and the scattering of his ashes at sea, the comedy begins when a neighbour decides that Tom is not entitled to take it all with him. It is a comedy of physical and verbal theatre that is sure to bring a must needed smile to everyone’s face.

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